A workshop exploring a bottom-up Smart nation in Singapore

Chomko & Rosier led a five-day workshop group as part of the 'Signals of Tomorrow' Innovation Lab in Singapore run by FutureEverything. The lab explored the potential implications and opportunities of Singapore's 'Smart Nation' project. The prototypes developed within the lab were presented at the Art Science Museum as part of the Future Everything conference.

Our prototype attempted to capture occupant desires relating to the design of their public housing shared spaces. Occupants place miniature digitally-tracked objects around their public void-deck spaces to visually identify where they feel the relevant design issue should be addressed. The object locations are captured in data which is then accessible to both the occupants and planners/designers. This allows occupants to build a shared image of their ideal spaces, and the designers and planners an insight into these desires which they can act on through further discussion and then eventually, design implementation.




November 2015


Workshop Leads:
Chomko & Rosier,
PAN Studio,
Daniel Hirshmann,
Andreas Schlegel,
Debbie Ding
Workshop Programme Leads:
Changist (Scott Smith),
Future Everything)