A set of streetlamps that record and play back shadows

Shadowing is an award-winning public artwork that gives memory to a city’s street lamps, echoing the presence of those who pass underneath to create moments of performance and play in public space.

Shadowing tours internationally, and has been presented in Paris, Tokyo, Austin, and London. Installations range from 3-9 lamps, with durations from one week to six months. For longer durations, a permanent version in in development and will be available in 2021.

The project has won multiple awards, including the 2014 Playable City Award and the 2016 Active Public Space Award, and was nominated as Design of the Year in 2014 by the London Design Museum.

Write to info@chomkorosier.com to discuss a commission.

Technical Details

Each of the nine Shadowing lamps contains a camera, computer and projector. Entering the light, participants are met with the previously recorded shadow, their response captured and echoed back to greet the next visitor.

The lamps are interchangeable with existing streetlamps, allowing for a wide range of installation locations. Installation takes 1-2 hours per lamp, making for a quick installation process. Shadowing lamps operate autonomously, switching on and off at scheduled times to allow for independent operation.

Case Studies

The South Bank, London

In late 2020 Chomko & Rosier partnered with Southwark Council to install a Shadowing lamp in front of the Tate Modern, as a safe way for the public to play and engage with each other during a period otherwise marked by isolation. The lamp was installed December 2020, and will be live throughout 2021.


Three lamps were commissioned by the Theatre du Chalet from November 2019 to January 2020. The Theatre du Chalet commissioned Shadowing as part of their effort to reach beyond the walls of the theatre. Two lamps were installed near the theatre, with one further away near Les Halles. Over the two month install, 182,000 shadows were recorded, of which 100,000 are estimated to be interactions with the work.


Shadowing toured to Tokyo in 2017 as part of Media Ambition Tokyo, supported by British Council Japan. Installed in the Toranomon Hills neighbourhood of Tokyo, three lamps were presented over Two months. The Shadowing lamps were situated in the public spaces between a commercial and residential development, to catalyse interaction between these communities.

City of London

Six lamps were installed in the City of London from October 2017 to January 2018, in the Barbican/Smithfield area. Commissioned by the City of London as part of the inaugural Culture Mile programme, the six lamps served as points of connection along the new culture mile.


Bristol hosted the inaugural edition of Shadowing in 2014, when eight lamps were installed in neighbourhoods across the city for six weeks. Over 100,000 interactions were recorded across the eight locations. One local resident remarked “the light has brought people out to play!”, with another commenting: “I loved it! It added a magical fleeting element to my journey.”