The News Machine simulates the contemporary 24-hour news cycle

"The News Machine churns your tweets through different media filters and into print, simulating the contemporary 24-hour news cycle. Tweet a headline to @colorsmachine and see what happens; after Italian news hoaxer Tommaso De Benedetti tweeted the (fake) death of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2012, crude oil prices rose by US $1.17 on the New York Mercantile Exchange"

Commissioned by Colors Magazine, the News Machine echoes the effect of the 24-hour news cycle on information. Visitors interact with the machine by sending a tweet to the machine’s twitter account. Once sent, the machine activates, and the process begins. A megaphone reads the tweet out loud, which is then recorded and analyzed for text by the tape recorder. The resulting text is then displayed on the tv monitor, which is then captured by the video camera. The image from the video camera is scanned for text, with the resulting text read out again through the radio, and analyzed again via the microphone. The final output is then printed, alongside the original tweet, for the visitor to take home with them.




April 2013


Design: Jonathan Chomko
Art Direction: Felipe Rocha
Graphic Design: Tim Wan
Writer: Caitlin Hu
Production: Mauro Bedoni


Perugia, Italy
Sydney, Australia