Immersive technology recreates a palace that no longer exists

The Lost Palace is an interactive exploration of the spaces and stories of the Palace at Whitehall, 300 years after it burnt to the ground.

“It's an intriguing juxtaposition of technology, history, and mapping the past over the present.” - Kevin Holmes, Creators Project

Historic Royal Palaces worked with Chomko & Rosier to create an experience that combines interactive technology, immersive audio theatre and architectural installations.

During summer 2016 thousands of visitors took to Whitehall’s contemporary streets with bespoke wooden handheld devices – actively participating in events that happened centuries ago and interacting with installations inspired by the architecture of the lost palace.

The interactions are all performed through a wooden, screen-less handheld device. The device acts as a ‘historical surveillance’ tool: users ‘scan’ buildings, as if using a parabolic microphone, or touch the end of the device to the architectural interventions to uncover hidden stories.

The project returned to Whitehall in 2017, after having won the Museums and Heritage Innovation Award, and the Best Achievement Award from Heritage in Motion.


Visitor Experience


July 2016


Design & Creative Technology: Chomko & Rosier
In collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces and Uninvited Guests
Photography: Duncan McKenzie
Video: Faisal Chaudhuri

Install Location

Whitehall, London