Multi-sensory installations bring the Tudor Kitchens to life

Chomko & Rosier designed and produced five new permanent audio visual installations for The Kitchens at Hampton Court Palace. Hampton Court receives over 600,000 visitors annually, and the Kitchens is one of its most popular features.

We wanted to create an rich, detailed and highly realistic experience that placed visitors within the everyday reality of the Tudor Kitchens. Projection mapping, multi-channel sound installations, haptic feedback, and tactile interactives are utilised to recreate this world, where visitors are free to explore.

The installations include a set of touch sensitive chopping boards that trigger the sights, sounds and sensations of Tudor cooks preparing dishes. An early morning meeting of the Board of the Greencloth is brought to life, with the empty table top, stool and back window augmented through sound and projection. In the Boiling House visitors peer into what appears to be a large cauldron of boiling meat as the Yeoman of the Boiling House watches over.


Visitor Experience


May 2018


Design & Production: Chomko & Rosier
Sound Design:James Bulley
Script and Cast Direction:
Imogen Robertson
Video Editing and Videography: Kyle Waters
Software and Hardware Developer: Artists + Engineers
AV Supplier: Adlib
With special thanks to KEF

Install Location

Hampton Court Palace, London