An immersive sound world reanimates the sounds, movements and conversations of Court

Chomko & Rosier were given the brief to develop an intervention for Base Court, the first courtyard visitors enter as they begin their visit to Hampton Court Palace.

Inspired by the rich history of the site, we created a multi-channel sound world embedded within the stone floor of the Courtyard. The sound world comprised of eight speakers, which played host to characters of the Tudor Court, alongside servants, musicians, Grooms, Clerks and workmen, as well as a bird, dog and horses. These characters move through the courtyard space, placing visitors within a dynamic and detailed sound world, conjuring the atmosphere of Base Court 500-years prior.

Due to the sensitive historic nature of the site, there were no opportunity for interventions above ground, other than around the perimeter. As we wanted to create an experience that placed sounds within the Courtyard for visitors to move through, we designed in-ground speaker boxes. The design of these boxes has resulted in almost no visible intervention in the space, with sound funnelled through small holes in the sides of the boxes, with stone and mortar placed on top. The resulting experience is one of sound hanging in the air with no obvious source, as if they are echoes of a past time.


Visitor Experience


May 2018


Design & Production: Chomko & Rosier
Sound Design: James Bulley
Script and Cast Direction:
Imogen Robertson
AV Supplier: Adlib
With special thanks to KEF

Install Location

Hampton Court Palace, London